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Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress, which means two or three things:

It gives you a totally original and separate interface for creating posts, pages, and custom post types. Basically, when you visit your standard post/page editing screen in WordPress, you get another button that allows you to enable Elementor, and then let it take over the page-editing process completely.

It doesn’t expect you to have any HTML or PHP information or aptitudes. Everything can be done through a handy user interface.

It works on the front end, meaning it shows you the outcomes of your work right away in a true ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ manner.

You can utilize it to create any content layout or page layout you can imagine — regardless of what your current WordPress theme allows you to do.

It works with all WordPress themes.

Putting it all together, the main benefit of using Elementor is that you can create rather noteworthy page layouts or content structures, regardless of whether you’re not a designer nor have any experience with site building (HTML, CSS, PHP).

This, in principle, opens up a ton of possibilities — especially in case you’re on a strict spending plan yet at the same time want your site and content to look great. This is also something users appear to appreciate a ton: As revealed by the Elementor team themselves, the main plugin has been downloaded in excess of a million times up until now!

However, there’s significantly more: If you don’t want to construct Elementor page plans/layouts from scratch, you can also start from a number of templates, and tweak them openly until you get the exact outcome you want. Here’s my personal site, for example, after a snappy Elementor treatment — assembled while I was working on this post

The only complete arrangement stage to offer pixel perfect structure, yet makes 100% clean code. Take your arrangement vision and change it into a stunning extraordinarily created site.

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